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What is Teeth whitening ?

Teeth whitening Whitening Review and Step of teeth whitening

What is teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

What is teeth whitening? (Teeth whitening cool light LED) is a treatment that helps dark, yellow teeth become whiter. The dentist will use a highly concentrated bleaching solution to apply to the teeth. Then, Cool Light LED or laser light will be emitted to stimulate the teeth whitening solution to break down into oxygen. Penetrates through the enamel layer of the tooth. Goes in to remove pigments in the tooth, especially yellow. which will make your teeth whiter without harming the tooth enamel surface Teeth whitening can make teeth about 3-8 shades whiter, depending on each individual's response to the bleaching solution.

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Step of Teeth whitening

2. Teeth whitening

Teeth cleaning and polishing prophylaxis

Before teeth whitening, the dentist will compare the color of your teeth before treatment.

Prepare the tooth surface, including scaling (in the case of tartar) and polishing.

Put on a lip barrier and block the gums around the gum line. To protect gums exposed to the solution

2. Teeth whitening


2. Teeth whitening

The dentist will apply a tooth whitening solution. The tooth position area along the smile line and stimulated by irradiating Cool light LED for 15 minutes will be done 3 rounds. Each round will change the whitening solution every round. Using a time of approximately 45 minutes.

2. Teeth whitening


Before and After teeth whitening

The dentist will suck out the bleaching solution. and wipe clean on the tooth surface After that, the tooth color will be compared again. To clearly compare the results before and after teeth whitening. Teeth whitening can make teeth about 3-8 shades whiter, depending on each individual's response to the bleaching solution. Ready to give advice on how to take care of your teeth after whitening. To maintain white teeth for a long time

Post operative treatment

Post operative instruction

1. Refrain from eating food and drinks that are acidic, spicy food, and food that is too hot or too cold. After 2 weeks of teeth whitening to reduce tooth sensitivity. If you have sensitive teeth It is recommended to use toothpaste formulated to reduce tooth sensitivity as well.

2. You should avoid food or drinks that are dark in color, such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, wine, curry with various colors. Because it will gradually darken the color of your teeth if it cannot be avoided. You should use a straw instead of drinking directly from a glass. And you should rinse your mouth after drinking every time.

3. Stop smoking for at least 1 week because smoking causes stains on the tooth surface. If cleaning is not done well It will make teeth turn yellow faster than people who don't smoke.

4. Always maintain clean oral health. and should return for regular dental checkups every 6 months

5.After teeth whitening The whiteness of your teeth is not permanent. The whiteness of the teeth will gradually decrease accordingly. How long tooth color lasts depends on care and maintenance. and eating and drinking Including lifestyle habits after teeth whitening


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