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What is Dental crown

Dental crown

What is Dental crown

A dental crown is a tooth-like material created to replace damaged teeth, such as cracked teeth, chipped teeth, worn teeth, broken teeth, short teeth, not white teeth, or teeth that have undergone root canal treatment. Irregularly shaped teeth or teeth that have an unattractive shape By grinding out some of the damaged tooth pulp. and place a crown on the entire tooth To strengthen the remaining permanent tooth pulp. A crown is a fixed denture. Made from a variety of materials from metal, ceramic, resin, zirconia.

Type of Dental crown

There are many types of dental crowns, varying according to materials, procedures, and suitability for treatment. and needs of the patient The dentist will give useful advice to the patient. So that the treatment can be carried out efficiently and directly.

1. All Porcelain Crowns  is the use of ceramic materials in the production of the workpiece. They are considered to be the most popular type of crown in modern dentistry. Suitable for making crowns on front teeth. or replace front teeth Because it gives a high degree of naturalness Gives a beautiful appearance in shape, size, and color similar to real teeth But nowadays ceramic materials are designed to be strong and durable. Therefore, it can be used for molar crowns as well.

2. PFM Crown, or Porcelain Fused to Metal  is a crown with a metal base structure. making it not very popular Because it doesn't look natural. and darkens the edge of the gums Currently, Zirconia crowns can replace the disadvantages of PFM crowns in terms of strength. and superior beauty in almost every case

3. Full Metal Crown: Full metal crowns such as Golden Crowns or Palladium crowns are all metal crowns. There is no mixture of ceramic on the top layer. Highly durable Can support chewing force well And they do not break easily. Metal crowns are an alternative type of crown that provides complete features in terms of use. and beauty It depends on your preferences. and individual needs

Step of Dental crown

Dental crowns may require 3-4 visits to the dentist, depending on the type of crown required for each individual.

Step of Dental crown

1st time: Treatment plan by a specialized dentist - The dentist checks the condition of the gums and tooth health. Oral x-ray To plan treatment - inform treatment options Explain treatment steps The patient can participate in deciding the shape, size, and color of the crown together with the dentist. 

  2nd time      After that, the dentist will grind the tooth (in this step, local anesthesia is used) to support the newly created crown and make a mouth impression - then a temporary crown will be placed for the patient to try on while waiting for the actual crown. and send the lab to produce the workpiece

3rd time: Appointment for actual crown placement (Approximately 1-2 weeks after the first appointment) The dentist assesses the fit of the crown. Crowns are available in color, size, and shape according to the patient's needs. If it doesn't fit properly, there may be slight adjustments to your teeth while wearing it - check your bite. Look at the neatness of the joint between the crown and tooth surface - after that, the actual crown will be fixed using cement to permanently attach the crown.

Step of Dental crown

4th time: Follow up on symptoms and evaluate treatment results. Dentists make appointments with patients to follow up on symptoms that may occur after having crowns installed, such as an insufficient bite. Tooth sensitivity Fixing crowns and others, including evaluating satisfaction after treatment and recommend checking every 6 months to keep the crown in good condition.


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